Setting Up Customers and Partners for SmartIntegrator Development

Non-Disclosure Agreement

If the organization is a development partner (not a customer), we must execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before providing the partner with credentials and reference material for SmartIntegrator. If the organization is a customer, no NDA is required; customer must instead execute a SmartIntegrator licensing agreement through their sales account manager.

The blank NDA is located hereand can be sent to the partner with the message below.
We are happy you’re interested in working with us on an integration project. 
We have a development community around SmartOffice with over 100 software 
vendors and customer organizations participating.

Our development platform, SmartIntegrator, has two primary components:

- A REST Web Service "XML Engine" running behind the SmartOffice application 
  that can receive external requests.

- Buttons and hyperlinks within SmartOffice called "Adapters" that launch 
  scripted events.

SmartIntegrator is designed to allow you to programmatically replicate 
virtually anything you could do manually in SmartOffice. If you can design a 
business process around SmartOffice that accomplishes your goals, you should 
be able to leverage SmartIntegrator to create an application that does it 
for you. Before getting into more details about this platform and community, 
we require customers and vendor partners to execute a NDA with us 
(attached). If you are interested in moving forward, please have the 
appropriate person at your organization sign, scan, and return the agreement 
by email to me.

Bryan Eshelbrenner can execute the NDA from the Ebix side and can review any redlines sent back from the partner. Some partners may ask to use their own NDA, but this process can take weeks, as our legal department cannot commit resources to reviewing external NDAs in a timely manner.

SmartXchange Partner Credentials

If the organization is a development partner, create an SX Adapter record and associated Integration License for the partner. This enables the organization to develop its service to go through SmartXchange instead of SmartIntegrator directly.
  1. Log in to
  2. Click Adapters, and add an Adapter record.
  3. Populate the organization e-mail domain as the Adapter Name and User Name (i.e. "ebix") and a randomly generated password (you can generate passwords here:
  4. Click the Add Service button.
    • Service Name should be something that will look valid in the User License area of SmartOffice for the partner organization's service.
    • Button Type = Service
    • Context Type = License-Only
    • License Type = License-Only
    • Window Details > Features = (enable and then disable the "Use Default Settings" checkbox to get it to populate right)
    • Contact Details Contact Name/Contact E-Mail = put in your e-mail
  5. Save the Service.
  6. Click the Adapters tab and add the Service you created in the previous step.
  7. After adding the Adapter to the Service, navigate to the Site Detail for the PREPRODNEW site, and then click the Enabled Service tab.
  8. Click the Add button.
    • Service Name = Your New Service
    • Status = Active
    • License Type = User
    • Max License # = 50000
    • Tier Type = Tier 1
    • Tier Status = Available
  9. Save the Enabled Service.
  10. Click the Post button to push the new license into SmartOffice PREPRODNEW.

SDC_UAT SmartOffice Credentials

For both customers and partners, we provide user accounts on the PREPRODNEW server in the SDC_UAT Office. We usually give them as many user accounts as they request, as long as each account is associated with a different e-mail address provided by the organization.

Give each user account the Brokerage Management + Commissions tier license, and then switch their administrator user rights from Administrator: User Rights & Creation/Licenses/Groups to Administrator: User Rights/Groups so they can adjust user rights and groups without being able to create more user accounts.

In addition, for development partners, enable the new integration license for them from the User Licenses side of the screen. Sometimes, server cache issues force you to stop at this step and come back the next day after the servers are reset.

After creating the new user accounts, send the message below to the new users and copy

[SALES ACCOUNT MANAGER] asked me to connect you with our development kit for 
SmartOffice. Our development guide for SmartIntegrator along with our testbed for 
testing web service posts and some reference materials can be found on our 
SmartIntegrator Development Wiki (

You should receive a separate email with credentials for our Software Development 
Community office on our User Acceptance Testing server, which you can use for 
development and testing. You can log in with those credentials at the URL below. This 
office is shared by multiple development partners and customers.

SmartOffice "Classic" only runs in Internet Explorer with specific browser settings. 
If you are having trouble with SmartOffice not loading in your browser, please make 
the following changes to your settings:

- Add to your Compatibility View 
  Settings in IE (Tools > Compatibility View Settings).
- Add to Trusted Sites in IE 
  (Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted Sites > Sites). Make sure 
  that "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" box is unchecked.

After you look over everything with your team, we’ll probably need a follow-up call on 

We also have a specific support email group (, which includes me 
and others knowledgeable about our development platform. Please send all technical questions 
and requests to that group; doing so will give you the greatest likelihood of a prompt and 
accurate response.

If this is for a development partner, add the following to the message to give them their SX Partner credentials:
We’ve also set you up with partner credentials on our SmartXchange staging website 
that is connected to this SmartOffice system to make web service requests:
    SmartXchange URL:
    Adapter Name: [ADAPTER NAME]
    User Name: [ADAPTER USER NAME]

Here is a sample request for searching Contacts with a last name that begins with the 
letter A:

<dxoproxy-request version='1.0.1'>
    <transaction action='adapter.xmlEngine'>
                <request version='1.0'>
                            <expr prop='LastName' op='starts'>

-- DavidEshelbrenner - 25 Apr 2016

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