GetAdvisorCommission Method

The GetAdvisorCommission method retrieves all payable commission records linked to the specified SmartView for Advisors user account.

The GetAdvisorCommission method is invoked using the MethodOperation.

This method returns a variety of information about each payable commission record, including the policy number, the advisor's role on the policy, the receivable amount, the payable due date, the paid amount, the status of the payable commission transaction and the commission type.


Name Type Description
UserID String Required. This is the object ID of the advisor's SmartView for Advisors user account.


Request XML
<request version='1.0'>

Response XML
<response version="1.0">
            <Contact id="Contact.1234577812.112" _type="obj">
                <CommPayables _type="objs">
                    <CommPayable id="CommPayable.1234577812.11" _type="obj">
                        <CurrentRole>Primary Advisor</CurrentRole>
    <!--Cost 19 mill seconds.-->
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