GetAdapterDetails Method

The GetAdapterDetails method returns a list of SiAdapters available to SmartOffice users. Details for each adapter—such as the adapter ID, type and URL—are included in the response. This method is used in conjunction with the GetAdapterTransfDetails method to launch any of those adapters.

The GetAdapterDetails method is invoked using the MethodOperation.


Name Type Description
ContextName String Required. Specifies the context that the adapters returned in the response must support. For example, to retrieve all adapters that can be run from a contact record, specify a ContextName of Contact. Valid contexts are: None, Contact, Policy, Pending Case, Investment, Opportunity, Commission, Agent, Household, ProposalTracking, Carrier, Requirement, Skip, LicenseList, ContractList, AppointmentList, License-Only, Wholesaler.


The following request retrieves a list of adapters that the user can access from SmartOffice contact records. The response shows that the user has access to two adapters.

Request XML
<request version='1.0'>
        <office> myoffice</office>

Response XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<response version="1.0">
        <sessionClosed /> 
                    <AdapterName>Labels - SmartLink</AdapterName>
                    <AdapterType>Local Application</AdapterType>
                    <AdapterName>Life Quote</AdapterName>
                    <ButtonToolTipName>Life Quote-REL</ButtonToolTipName>
                    <AdapterType>Web Server</AdapterType>
                    <WebSiteURL> Quote</WebSiteURL>
    <!-- Cost 51 mill seconds. --> 

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