DynamicReportFilterDetail Method

The DynamicReportFilterDetail method returns the detailed default filter syntax of a Dynamic Report.

The DynamicReportFilterDetail method is invoked using the MethodOperation.


Name Type Description
reportId String Required. This is the object ID of the Dynamic Report.


The following example retrieves the detailed filter syntax for a report named "Clients With Children" whose object ID is DynReport.1.3.

Request XML
<request version='1.0'>

Response XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<response version="1.0">
        <sessionClosed /> 
              <filter fltrkey="4">
                <element colName="Type" colid="65627" fltrkey="5" lookupId="5" sqldesc="Equal to" sqlop="eq" tableName="Contact" type="dtStr" uiValue="Client" value="Client"/>
                <element colName="# of Child" colid="589830" fltrkey="6" sqldesc="Greater Than" sqlop="gt" tableName="Personal" type="dtShort" uiValue="0" value="0"/>
    <!-- Cost 21 mill seconds. --> 

-- DinosLambropoulos - 28 Apr 2016
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